POWERBELT 223gr .45cal Platinum Aerotip

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Contains 15 bullets


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POWERBELT 223gr .45cal Platinum Aerotip
POWERBELT 223gr .45cal Platinum Aerotip


Designed for Maximum Penetration on Medium to Heavy Game. (Deer, Bear, Elk


  1. Smaller hollow point cavity controls expansion
  2. Smooth plated finish reduces standard deviation between shots for superior accuracy
  3. Larger diameter gas check for tight seal
  4. Reduced ogive increases ballistic coefficient and accuracy
  5. Flutes in gas check make it easier to load
  6. Scores inside gas check allow positive release when bullet exits barrel


PowerBelt Platinums are plated using a proprietary process that creates a smoother, more uniform surface that reduces the standard deviation between shots. This plating results in reduced resistance as the bullet travels down the bore, producing faster, more consistent velocities to improve both trajectory and accuracy.

PowerBelt Platinums also deliver an improved ballistic coefficient by utilizing a more aggressive bullet taper design. Not only does the taper provide for a more aerodynamic flight, it also helps control the rate of expansion – regardless of powder charge or bullet velocity on impact. This makes the Platinum the perfect all around choice for use with magnum loads (110-150 grain powder equivalent).

Also, the Platinum’s larger diameter, fluted gas check fits more tightly than that of a standard PowerBelt, and is reinforced to better withstand magnum pressures, improving both velocity and accuracy.


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