POWERBELT 250gr .50cal Aerolite Aerotip

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POWERBELT 250gr .50cal Aerolite Aerotip
POWERBELT 250gr .50cal Aerolite Aerotip


Designed for Maximum Expansion on Light to Medium Game. (Antelope, Deer)


  1. Polycarbonate tip preserves aerodynamic integrity and prevents premature expansion
  2. Smooth plated finish reduces standard deviation between shots for superior accuracy
  3. Larger diameter gas check for tight seal
  4. Larger hollow point cavity reduces weight and maximizes internal expansion
  5. Flutes in gas check make it easier to load
  6. Scores inside gas check allow positive release when bullet exits barrel


PowerBelt AeroLite® Bullets borrow many of the PowerBelt Platinum’s technical advantages – such as its plating technology, fluted gas check, and aggressive taper. However, the AeroLite bullet itself is completely different on the inside, being specifically designed to deliver optimal performance when used with standard (100 grain) propellant charges – the charge used by most hunters. 

The AeroLite has a much larger hollow point cavity than either the Platinum or Copper PowerBelts. This larger cavity maximizes expansion capability while eliminating weight from the core of the bullet, allowing the bullet to be substantially longer than standard projectiles of similar weight. A longer bullet length produces more stability in flight and therefore, greater accuracy. A super-hard polycarbonate AeroTip fills the void of the oversized hollow point and serves to both optimize aerodynamics in flight and control expansion on impact. All of these AeroLite technologies are fine-tuned to perform best at “standard charge velocities” (1800 FPS or less on impact) – providing magnum performance without the magnum recoil. 

This does not mean, however, that magnum charges can never be used with AeroLites. In hunting situations where long-range shots are the norm, Aerolites may indeed be the best choice – even with a 150 grain load.


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